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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Loop Pedal

Hey everyone!

I started using a loop pedal, and you will be able to hear me pretty soon using it. I got a JamMan pedal by Digitech, and it's really useful. I was playing around with it yesterday and had fun jamming to Time by Pink Floyd. It really works great. Not only can you loop your instrument you can loop a mic as well. There is a mic jack and a 1/4 inch jack in the back that will let you loop whatever you're playing. I expanded the capabilities of it by instead of plugging in an instrument, I plugged in my mixer. So I can set up several instruments and microphones and just switch back and forth between instruments in order to stack up layers of the songs I'm playing. I will be posting video soon so you can check it out.

I used to use a loop pedal years ago, and really liked it. It was the Boss RC-20, which was a great loop pedal. But the JamMan seems to be a little better. The only thing I liked better about the RC-20 was the drum loops seemed more practical. The loops built into the JamMan have bass as well as drums, and aren't generic enough for me to really use. But it does have 99 loop slots as opposed to the RC-20's 11 or so slots. So I'm pretty happy.

I'll try to get some video up soon so you can enjoy it along with me.

God bless,


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