Thursday, December 27, 2012

Why I think Daniel predated Zoroaster.

I'm doing a study about the Magi for my sermon this Sunday. In my research I have found a lot of interesting links to the Magi and Zoroastrianism. But what I've found really shows a great Antisemitism by a lot of so called scholars. Without any real evidence, many scholars want to claim that Zoroastrian influence lead to the development of Judaism and Christianity, but the facts that we have show exactly the opposite. I do not understand why in the face of absolute undisputed fact, scholars still want to make such crazy claims. Anyone with the bare minimum of a junior high education can see that it makes more sense that Zoroastrianism was influenced by Judaism and Christianity and not the other way around. Consider some of the following details:    

Why I don’t think Zoroaster influenced Daniel:
-          The Zoroastrian sacred texts (the Avesta) were supposedly written down in 346-360 AD, though the earliest copies we have are from the 1200’s. There are references to Zoroastrian belief as late as Plutarch in AD46 – AD120, who believed Zoroaster lived at 6,000 BC, which is ridiculous. Pliny is the very first person to ever refer to Zoroaster, and he lived after Jesus.
-          What we know about Zoroaster was written down at least 929 years after he was supposed to have lived. We don’t know anything specifically about him that comes from the time in which he lived.
-          Zoroaster was supposed to have died in 583 BC, which would put him contemporaneously with the prophet Daniel, though they claim that he wrote the Avesta sometime before the 10 Century BC. It is ridiculous to believe the Zoroaster lived from 1000 BC to 583 BC that would make Zoroaster over 400 years old.
-          Many claim that the stories of Jesus were based on Zoroaster, (examples include: he was supposedly born of a virgin, baptized in a river, was known for his wisdom as a youth, tempted by the devil, started ministry at age 30, cast out demons, restored vision to blind, preached on heaven and hell, had a holy grail, was martyred, was called the "Word made flesh," supposed to have a second coming) however, the stories of Zoroaster were written down in 346-360 AD, 300 years after Jesus lived, and some of these similarities many scholars believe were not official until at least 1000 AD. Isn’t it more conceivable that Zoroastrian similarities to Jesus were based on Jesus, since they were written down 300 years later?
-          Many of the stories about Zoroaster are similar also to Daniel, and we know that the earliest references to Daniel are at the latest within a couple hundred years of when Daniel lived. Doesn’t it make sense that maybe Zoroaster was based on Daniel, and not the other way around?
-          Babylonian and Persian society was polytheistic before Daniel. Many of the Persian kings were descended from Esther, known by her Persian name Ishtar-udasha, or Hadassah by her Hebrew name. We know for instance, that Artaxerxes was most likely Esther's son. Monotheism developed in Israel first before Persia, and history shows that for a fact that Babylon conquered Israel, bringing monotheism in contact with Babylonian religion. The Babylonians were overthrown by the polytheistic Persians, who were then brought into contact with the monotheistic Jews. After Persian contact with Jews Persians became monotheistic. We can’t prove that Zoroastrianism as we know it today even existed at the time of the Jewish captivity in Babylon, therefore, wouldn’t it make sense that the Monotheistic elements of Zoroastrianism came from Daniel, and not the other way around?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Jesus Son of God Book Published Today!

New Book Published Today

Jesus, Son of God, a study in the life and nature of Jesus Christ published today. The book contains information about the humanity and divinity of Christ, the healing of Christ and other aspects of Jesus' life and ministry as well as His place in the God-head.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Book!

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to announce the release of my new book "Fairies: The Atrium" a collection of short stories and poems that I wrote and published originally in the Christian Sci-Fi Journal! Hope you enjoy. You can get the book here.

Also, if you are interested, my CD "Mandolin Studies" is available as well here.

And of course, my book "Mandolin Dead Man's Tuning Vol. 1" is available here.

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Thank You

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to extend a warm and heartfelt Thank You for everyone who has purchased my book so far. If youi are interested, you can purchase a copy here.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

How to write a blues song

Hello Everyone!

I just finished writing a new song with my songwriting partner Gideon! Here's the first in a new series on writing and recording the perfect blues song!

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How to Play Crossroads on the Mandolin

Hey Everyone, I just finished a couple videos on how to play some Robert Johnson music on Mandolin. This video is about how to play his classic blues tune Crossroads, or Cross Road Blues on mandolin.

Hope you enjoy it. Also, if you haven't already, please check out my other posts for information about my new book: "Mandolin: Dead Man's Tuning Vol. 1 the Basics!" You can order it here.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Friday, January 27, 2012

Trevor's fortune cookie tonight: "You are the mast of everything situation." what could this possibly mean?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Using Digitech Jamman Looper

I've been recording a new video on how to use a Digitech Jamman loop pedal. I love my loop pedal, but I'm not so thrilled about my computer. I can't seem to get the volume to adjust right. Hopefully, tomorrow, I'll be able to get the video finished and uploaded.

The nice thing about using the Jamman is it gives a solo or duet a great chance of producing music live that otherwise wouldn't be able to be produced at a gig. I am experimenting with ways to loop not only myself but backup singers and other musicians as well, and hopefully I'll be able to come up with some creative sounds.

I am looking forward to using my Jamman at my upcoming gigs and seeing if I can use it to shape the sound of my band. I'll be sure to post videos for you to check out as I get more proficient at using it.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

So what's with the brand new car!?!?! :)
Just saw an old lady driving a brand new chevy impala w a bumper sticker "perfect joy is being a Francisican." i thought Francisican's take a vow of poverty?

Monday, January 9, 2012

Guitar Videos

I am going to be posting several guitar videos over the next couple months, trying to teach people how to play the basics on the guitar. If there is anything guitar related that any of you are interested in learning, please shoot me an email, or a comment or what have you, and I will try to get a video made that will explain whatever you are trying to learn! Or if you have any ideas for guitar related videos, please let me know and I'll see what I can do!

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