Saturday, January 31, 2015

2nd Version of Bonaparte's Retreat

Here's a second version that I found of Bonaparte's Retreat. I believe this is the older version, as it was recorded in O'Neill's "Music of Ireland" under the same name. This is not the popular bluegrass version, but is an interesting version to play as well.

I am posting these songs to celebrate the release of my brand new book "Mandolin Dead Man's Tuning vol. 2: English, Scottish and Irish Ballads!" I am so proud of this book. It is by far my best work to date. I hope you enjoy the songs. I set it up so that alternate tuning players, standard players and beginners can all get something helpful out of it!

You can download Bonaparte's Retreat 2 here!

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Vol. 1 Basics
Christmas Edition

Friday, January 30, 2015

New Mandolin Tab - Bonaparte's Retreat version 1

Hey Everyone!

To Celebrate the release of my new Dead Man's Tuning book - English, Scottish and Irish Ballads, I am going to be releasing 10 new fiddle tabs arranged for mandolin in Standard, ADAD and GDGD tuning!

Here is the first. This is one of two versions that I have found labeled "Bonaparte's Retreat." This one is in major, and traditionally the fiddle was tuned to ADAD or DDAD, a true Dead Man's Tuning classic!!



You can download the tab here!

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Mandolin Dead Man's Tuning Vol. 2 English Scottish and Irish Ballads

New Book: English, Scottish and Irish Ballads Released Today!!!

Press Release

New Mandolin Book focuses on the history of English, Scottish and Irish Ballads
Mandolin Dead Man’s Tuning Vol. 2 Available Now!!!

Winston-Salem, NC, January 30, 2015: Author, Musician and Teacher Willy Minnix is proud to announce the release of his new book: "Mandolin Dead Man's Tuning Vol. 2: English, Scottish and Irish Ballads"

“I remember the day so clearly when I started working on this book. I went to the Library in Tappan, NY. I found a song book with a bunch of Child Ballads. I fell in love with them, and am so happy to pass on my love to others.” This book is over 175 pages of information on Ballads, with tabs and sheet music in Standard, ADAD and GDGD tuning, and chords for most of the songs. There should be something interesting for everyone. This next week, Willy will be releasing some free fiddle tunes from his site as well in honor of this 10th book from Water Moccasin Press!
List Price: $25.00

“Mandolin Dead Man's Tuning Is Back!!!

This time author Willy Minnix focuses on ballads from England, Scotland and Ireland. With over 25 ballads included in this volume, you are sure to enjoy learning how to play songs that have stood the test of time! Some of the songs included are Black Jack Davey, Barbara Allen, the Bonny Ship the Diamond, Arthur McBride, King Arthur, Robin Hood and Little John, Mary Hamilton, and many, many more!”

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Almost finished with Mandolin Dead Man's Tuning Vol. 2

I'm getting really close to finishing Volume 2 of Dead Man's Tuning: English, Scottish and Irish Ballads.

Here is a list of the songs and the front cover:

Chapter 1 History of the Ballad
Chapter 2 Modes & Scales
Chapter 3 Ballad Chords & Progressions
Chapter 4 Licks, Fills & Picking Patterns
Chapter 5 Child Ballads

     Lord Randall (Child 12)
     Black Jack Davy/Gypsy Davy (Child 200)
     The House Carpenter (Child 248)
Chapter 6 Robin Hood Ballads
     Robin Hood and Little John (Child 125)
     Cielito Lindo
                                                Johnny Cock (Child 114)
                                                Robin Hood and Guy of Gisborne (Child 118)
                                                Robin Hood and the Bishop (Child 143)
                                                Robin Hood Rescuing Will Stutly (Child 141)
Chapter 7 English Ballads
     King Arthur (Child 170)
     Riddles Wisely Expounded (Child 1)
     The Death of Queen Jane
Chapter 8 Scottish Ballads
     Tam Lin (Child 39)/Tam Lin Irish version
     Mary Hamilton (Child 173)
     Scotland the Brave
     Barbara Allen/The Bonny Barbara Allen (Child 84)     
Chapter 9 Irish Ballads 
      Arthur McBride (Roud 2355)
      I'll Tell Me Ma (Roud 2649)
      Be Thou My Vision
      Lakes of Ponchartrain
      Martinmas Time
      Autumn Woods
      A Bright Evening
      The Kesh Jig
Chapter 10 Songs of the Sea
     10,000 Miles (Fare Thee Well) (Roud 4438)
     Bonny Ship the Diamond
     Handsome Molly (Courting is a Pleasure) (Roud 454)



Saturday, January 3, 2015

First Published Article Since Moving

Hey Everyone!

Just wanted to tell you about my first published article since I moved to Winston-Salem! This is an article entitled: "What to do with that Dust Collector that used to be a Guitar!?!" for Forsyth Family Magazine.


I hope you enjoy the read!


P.S. Please let me know if the link doesn't work!