Monday, December 26, 2011

Santa Didn't Get Me What I Wanted Complete

Well, the entirety of "Santa Didn't Get Me What I Wanted" is up at my band camp page:
 Hope you had a merry Christmas and will have a happy New Year!

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Friday, December 16, 2011

Santa Didn't Get Me What I Wanted Days 2 and 3

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Day's 2 and 3 of the new Christmas album are up at my bandcamp page:

God bless and hope you enjoy!


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Videos

Here are some quick videos of some songs from my 2009 Christmas album! Hope you enjoy.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christmas Prophesies

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I found a neat website, with Christmas coming up with 365 prophecies from the Old Testament fulfilled in the life of Jesus. Thought it was pretty interesting.

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Original Site

365 Messianic Prophecies
The following is a list of prophecies in the Jewish scriptures that Jesus fulfilled.
1. Genesis 3:15.....Seed of a woman (virgin birth).....Luke 1:35, Matthew 1:18-20
2. Genesis 3:15.....He will bruise Satan's head.....Hebrews 2:14, 1 John 3:18
3. Genesis 5:24....The bodily ascension to heaven illustrated....Mark 6:19
4. Genesis 9:26-27...The God of Shem will be the Son of Shem...Luke 3:36
5. Genesis 12:3...As Abraham's seed, will bless all nations...Acts 3:25,26
6. Genesis 12:7...The The Promise made made to Abraham's Seed...Galatians 3:16
7. Genesis 14:18...A priest after Melchizedek...Hebrews 6:20
8. Genesis 14:18........A King also........Hebrews 7:2
9. Genesis 14:18...The Last Supper foreshadowed...Matthew 26:26-29
10.  Genesis 17:19.......The Seed of Isaac.......Romans. 9:7
11.  Genesis 21:12 …Seed of Isaac…Romans 9:7, Hebrews 11:18
12.  Genesis 22:8...The Lamb of God promised...John 1:29
13.  Genesis 22:18...As Isaac's seed, will bless all nations...Galatians 3:16
14.  Genesis26:2-5..The Seed of Isaac promised as the Redeemer..Hebrews11:18
15.  Genesis 49:10...The time of His coming...Luke 2:1-7; Galatians 4:4
16.  Genesis 49:10.......The Seed of Judah.......Luke 3:33
17.  Genesis 49:10......Called Shiloh or One Sent......John 17:3
18.  Genesis 49:10...To come before Judah lost identity...John 11:47-52
19.  Genesis 49:10...To Him shall the obedience of the people be...John 10:16
20.  Exodus 3:13,14........The Great "I Am".......John 4:26
21.  Exodus 12:5...A Lamb without blemish...1 Pet. 1:19
22.  Exodus 12:13...The blood of the Lamb saves Romans wrath...Romans. 5:8
23.  Exodus 12:21-27...Christ is our Passover...1 Corinthians 5;7
24.  Exodus 12:46...Not a bone of the Lamb to be broken...John 19:31-36
25.  Exodus 13:2…Blessing to first born son…Luke 2:23
26.  Exodus 15:2...His exaltation predicted as Yeshua...Acts 7:55,56
27.  Exodus 15:11...His Character-Holiness...Luke 1:35; Acts 4:27
28.  Exodus 17:6...The Spiritual Rock of Israel...1 Corinthians 10;4
29.  Exodus 33:19...His Character-Merciful...Luke 1:72
30.  Leviticus14:11...The leper cleansed-Sign to priesthood..Luke5:12-14; Acts 6:7
31.  Leviticus16:15-17...Prefigures Christ's once-for-all death...Hebrews 9:7-14
32.  Leviticus16:27...Suffering outside the Camp...Matthew 27:33; Hebrews 13:11, 12
33.  Leviticus17:11...The Blood-the life of the flesh...Matthew 26;28; Mark 10:45
34.  Leviticus17:11...It is the blood that makes atonement...1 John 3:14-18
35.  Leviticus23:36-37...The Drink-offering: "If any man thirst." ..John 19:31-36
36.  Numbers 9:12...Not a bone of Him broken...John 19:31-36
37.  Numbers 21:9...The serpent on a pole-Christ lifted up...John 3:14-18
38.  Numbers 24:8… Flight to Egypt…Matthew 2:14
39.  Numbers 24:17...Time: "I shall see him, but not now."...Galatians 4:4
40.  Numbers 24:17-19…A star out of Jacob…Matthew 2:2, Luke 1:33,78, Revelation 22:16
41.  Deuteronomy 18:15..."This is of a truth that prophet."...John 6:14
42.  Deuteronomy 18:15-16..."Had ye believed Moses, ye would believe me."...John 5:45-47
43.  Deuteronomy 18:18...Sent by the Father to speak His word...John 8:28, 29
44.  Deuteronomy 18:19...Whoever will not hear must bear his sin...John 12:15
45.  Deuteronomy 21:13-23…As a prophet…John 6:14; 7:40, Acts 3:22,23
46.  Deuteronomy 21:23...Cursed is he that hangs on a tree...Galatians 3:10-13
47.  Ruth 4:4-9...Christ, our kinsman, has redeemed us...Ephesians 1:3-7
48.  1 Samuel 2:10...Shall be an anointed King to the Lord...Matthew 28:18; John 12:15
49.  2 Samuel 7:12...David's Seed...Matthew 1:1
50.  2 Samuel 7:14a...The Son of God... Luke 1:32
51.  2 Samuel 7:16...David's house established forever...Luke 3:31; Rev. 22:16
52.  2 Samuel 23:2-4…would be the “Rock”…1 Corinthians 10:4
53.  2 Samuel 23:2-4…would be as the “light of the morning”…Revelation 22:16
54.  2 Kings 2:11...The bodily ascension to heaven illustrated...Luke 24:51
55.  1 Chronicles 17:11...David's Seed...Matthew 1:1; 9:27
56.  1 Chronicles 17:12, 13a...To reign on David's throne forever...Luke 1:32, 33
57.  1 Chronicles 17:13a..."I will be His Father, Son."...Hebrews 1:5
58.  Job 19:23-27...The Resurrection predicted...John 5:24-29
59.  Psalms 2:1-3...The enmity of kings foreordained...Acts 4:25-28
60.  Psalms 2:2...To own the title, Anointed (Christ)...Acts 2:36
61.  Psalms 2:6...His Character-Holiness...John 8:46; Rev. 3:7
62.  Psalms 2:6...To own the title King...Matthew 2:2
63.  Psalms 2:7...Declared the Beloved Son...Matthew 3:17
64.  Psalms 2:7, 8...The Crucifixion and Resurrection intimated...Acts 13:29-33
65.  Psalms 2:12...Life comes through faith in Him...John 20:31
66.  Psalms 8:2...The mouths of babes perfect His praise...Matthew 21:16
67.  Psalms 8:5, 6...His humiliation and exaltation...Luke 24:50-53; 1 Corinthians 15:27
68.  Psalms 16:10...Was not to see corruption...Acts 2:31
69.  Psalms 16:9-11...Was to arise from the dead...John 20:9
70.  Psalms 17;15...The resurrection predicted...Luke 24:6
71.  Psalms 22:1...Forsaken because of sins of others...2 Corinthians 5:21
72.  Psalms 22:1...Words spoken from Calvary, "My God..." Mark 15:34
73.  Psalms 22:2...Darkness upon Calvary...Matthew 27:45
74.  Psalms 22:7...They shoot out the lip and shake the head...Matthew 27:39
75.  Psalms 22:8.." He trusted in God, let Him deliver Him "...Matthew 27:43
76.  Psalms 22:9......Born the Savior......Luke 2:7
77.  Psalms 22:14...Died of a broken (ruptured) heart...John 19:34
78.  Psalms 22:14,15...Suffered agony on Calvary...Mark 15:34-37
79.  Psalms 22:15........He thirsted........John 19:28
80.  Psalms 22:16...They pierced His hands and His feet....John 19:34,37;20:27
81.  Psalms 22:17,18...Stripped Him before the stares of men...Luke 23:34,35
82.  Psalms 22:18.....They parted His garments.....John 19:23,24
83.  Psalms 22:20,21...He committed Himself to God...Luke23:46
84.  Psalms 22:20,21..Satanic power bruising the Redeemer's heel.. Hebrews 2:14
85.  Psalms 22:22.....His Resurrection declared.....John 20:17
86.  Psalms 22:27...He shall be the governor of the nations...Col 1:16
87.  Psalms 22:31......"It is finished"......John 19:30
88.  Psalms 23:1...."I am the Good Shepherd"....John 10:11
89.  Psalms 24:3......His exaltation predicted......Acts 1:11; Phil. 2:9
90.  Psalms 27:12…Accused by false witnesses…Matthew 26:60,61, Mark 14:57,58
91.  Psalms 30:3......His resurrection predicted......Acts 2:32
92.  Psalms 31:5..."Into thy hands I commit my spirit"...Luke 23:46
93.  Psalms 31:11...His acquaintances fled from Him...Mark 14:50
94.  Psalms 31:13...They took counsel to put Him to death...John 11:53
95.  Psalms 31:14,15..." He trusted in God, let Him deliver him"...Matthew 27:43
96.  Psalms 34:20.....Not a bone of Him broken.....John 19:31-36
97.  Psalms 35:11....False witnesses rose up against Him....Matthew 26:59
98.  Psalms 35:19...He was hated without a cause...John 15:25
99.  Psalms 38:11.....His friends stood afar off.....Luke 23:49
100.  Psalms 40:2-5...The joy of His resurrection predicted...John 20:20
101.  Psalms 40:6-8....His delight-the will of the Father....John 4:34
102.  Psalms 40:9....He was to preach the Righteousness in Israel....Matthew 4:17
103.  Psalms 40:14...Confronted by adversaries in the Garden...John
104.  Psalms 41:9.....Betrayed by a familiar friend.....John 13:18
105.  Psalms 45:2...Words of Grace come from His lips.. Luke 4:22
106.  Psalms 45:6...To own the title, God or Elohim...Hebrews 1:8
107.  Psalms 45:7...A special anointing by the Holy Spirit...Matthew3:16; Hebrews1:9
108.  Psalms 45:7,8...Called the Christ (Messiah or Anointed)...Luke 2:11
109. Psalms 49-15…His Resurrection…Acts 2:27; 13:35, Mark 16:6
110.  Psalms 55:12-14...Betrayed by a friend, not an enemy...John 13:18
111. Psalms 55:15...Unrepentant death of the Betrayer...Matthew 27:3-5; Acts 1:16-19
112. Psalms 68:18...To give gifts to men...Ephesians 4:7-16
113. Psalms 68:18...Ascended into Heaven...Luke 24:51
114. Psalms 69:4...Hated without a cause...John 15:25
115. Psalms 69:8...A stranger to own brethren...Luke 8;20,21
116. Psalms 69:9...Zealous for the Lord's House...John 2:17
117. Psalms 69:14-20...Messiah's anguish of soul before crucifixion...Matthew 26:36-45
118. Psalms 69:20..."My soul is exceeding sorrowful."...Matthew 26:38
119. Psalms 69:21...Given vinegar in thirst...Matthew 27:34
120. Psalms 69:26...The Savior given and smitten by God...John 17:4; 18:11
121. Psalms 72:10,11...Great persons were to visit Him...Matthew 2:1-11
122. Psalms 72:16...The corn of wheat to fall into the Ground...John 12:24
123. Psalms 72:17...His name, Yinon, will produce offspring...John 1:12,13
124. Psalms 72:17...All nations shall be blessed by Him...Acts 2:11,12,41
125. Psalms 78:1.2...He would teach in parables...Matthew 13:34-35
126. Psalms 78:2b...To speak the Wisdom of God with authority...Matthew 7:29
127. Psalms 88:8...They stood afar off and watched...Luke 23:49
128. Psalms 89:26...Messiah will call God His Father...Matthew 11:27
129. Psalms 89:27...Emmanuel to be higher than earthly kings...Luke 1:32,33
130. Psalms 89:35-37...David's Seed, throne, kingdom endure forever...Luke 1:32,33
131. Psalms 89:36-37...His character-Faithfulness...Rev. 1:5
132. Psalms 90:2...He is from everlasting (Micah 5:2)...John 1:1
133. Psalms 91:11,12...Identified as Messianic; used to tempt Christ...Luke 4;10,11
134. Psalms 97:9...His exaltation predicted...Acts 1:11;Ephesians 1:20
135. Psalms 100:5...His character-Goodness...Matthew 19:16,17
136. Psalms 102:1-11...The Suffering and Reproach of Calvary...John 21:16-30
137. Psalms 102:16…Son of Man comes in Glory…Luke 21:24
Revelation 12:5-10
138. Psalms 102:25-27...Messiah is the Preexistent Son...Hebrews 1:10-12
139. Psalms 109:4…Prays for His enemies…Luke 23:34
140. Psalms 109:7,8…Another to succeed Judas…Acts 1:16-20
141. Psalms 109:25...Ridiculed...Matthew 27:39
142. Psalms 110:1...Son of David...Matthew 22:43
143. Psalms 110:1...To ascend to the right-hand of the Father...Mark16:19
144. Psalms 110:1...David's son called Lord...Matthew 22:44,45
145. Psalms 110:4...A priest after Melchizedek's order...Hebrews 6:20
146. Psalms 112:4...His character-Compassionate, Gracious, et al... Matthew 9;36
147. Psalms 118:17,18...Messiah's Resurrection assured...Luke 24:5-7;1 Corinthians 15:20
148. Psalms 118:22,23...The rejected stone is Head of the corner...Matthew 21:42,43
149. Psalms 118:26a...The Blessed One presented to Israel...Matthew 21:9
150. Psalms 118:26b...To come while Temple standing...Matthew 21;12-15
151. Psalms 132:11...The Seed of David (the fruit of His Body)...Luke 1:32
152. Psalms 138:1-6...The supremacy of David's Seed amazes kings... Matthew 2:2-6
153. Psalms 147:3,6...The earthly ministry of Christ described...Luke 4:18
154. Psalms 1:23...He will send the Spirit of God... John 16;7
155. Proverbs 8:22-23…The Messiah would be from everlasting…John 17:5
156. Proverbs 30:4…Declared to be the Son of God…John 3:13, Romans 1:2-4, 10:6-9, 2 Peter 1:17
157. Song of Solomon 5:16...The altogether lovely One...John 1:17
158. Isaiah 2:2-4…Repentance for the nations…Luke 24:47
159. Isaiah 4:2…Messiah reigning
160. Isaiah 5:1-6…Son of God’s vineyard: a parable of judgment
161. Isaiah 6:1...When Isaiah saw His glory... John 12:40-41
162. Isaiah 6:9-10...Parables fall on deaf ears...Matthew 13:13-15
163. Isaiah 6:9-12...Blinded to Christ and deaf to His words...Acts 28:23-29
164. Isaiah 7:14...To be born of a virgin...Luke 1:35
165. Isaiah 7:14...To be Emmanuel-God with us... Matthew 1:18-23
166. Isaiah 8:8...Called Emmanuel...Matthew 28:20
167. Isaiah 8:14...A stone of stumbling, a Rock of offense... 1 Pet. 2:8
168. Isaiah 9:1,2...His ministry to begin in Galilee...Matthew 4:12-17
169. Isaiah 9:6...A child born-Humanity...Luke 1:31
170. Isaiah 9:6...A Son given-Deity...Luke 1:32; John 1;14; 1 Tim. 3:16
171. Isaiah 9:6...Declared to be the Son of God with power... Romans. 1:3,4
172. Isaiah 9:6...The Wonderful One, Peleh...Luke 4:22
173. Isaiah 9:6...The Counselor, Yaatz...Matthew 13:54
174. Isaiah 9:6...The Mighty God, El Gibor...Matthew 11:20
175. Isaiah 9:6...The Everlasting Father, Avi Adth...John 8:58
176. Isaiah 9:6...The Prince of Peace, Sar Shalom...John . 16:33
177. Isaiah 9:7...To establish an everlasting kingdom...Luke 1:32-33
178. Isaiah 9:7...His Character-Just...John 5:30
179. Isaiah 9:7...No end to his Government, Throne, and Peace...Luke 1:32-33
180. Isaiah 11:1...Called a Nazarene-the Branch, Netzer...Matthew 2:23
181. Isaiah 11:1...A rod out of Jesse-Son of Jesse...Luke 3:23,32
182. Isaiah 11:2...The anointed One by the Spirit...Matthew 3;16,17
183. Isaiah 11:2...His Character-Wisdom, Understanding, et al....John 4:4-26
184. Isaiah 11:4...His Character-Truth...John 14:6
185. Isaiah 11:10...The Gentiles seek Him...John 12:18-21
186. Isaiah 12:2...Called Jesus-Yeshua (salvation)...Matthew 1:21
187. Isaiah 16:4,5…Reigning in mercy…Luke 1:31-33
188. Isaiah 22:21-25…Peg in a sure place…Revelation 3:7
189. Isaiah 25:8...The Resurrection predicted...I Corinthians 15:54
190. Isaiah 26:19...His power of Resurrection predicted...John 11:43,44
191. Isaiah 28:16...The Messiah is the precious corner stone...Acts 4:11,12
192. Isaiah 29:13...He indicated hypocritical obedience to His Word...Matthew 15:7-9
193. Isaiah 29:14...The wise are confounded by the Word...I Corinthians 1:18-31
194. Isaiah 32:2...A Refuge-A man shall be a hiding place...Matthew 23:37
195. Isaiah 33:22…Son of the Highest…Luke 1:32; 1 Timothy 1:17 6:15
196. Isaiah 35:4...He will come and save you...Matthew 1:21
197. Isaiah 35:5...To have a ministry of miracles...Matthew 11:4-6
198. Isaiah 40:3,4...Preceded by forerunner...John 1:23
199. Isaiah 40:9..."Behold your God."...John 1:36;19:14
200. Isaiah 40:11...A shepherd-compassionate life-giver...John 10:10-18
201. Isaiah 42:1-4...The Servant-as a faithful, patient redeemer... Matthew12:18-21
202. Isaiah 42:2...Meek and lowly... Matthew 11:28-30
203. Isaiah 42:3...He brings hope for the hopeless... John 4
204. Isaiah 42:4...The nations shall wait on His teachings... John 12:20-26
205. Isaiah 42:6...The Light (salvation) of the Gentiles...Luke 2:32
206. Isaiah 42:1,6...His is a Worldwide compassion... Matthew 28:19,20
207. Isaiah 42:7...Blind eyes opened... John 9:25-38
208. Isaiah 42:13-25…Messiah’s actions at His second coming…Revelation
209. Isaiah 43:11...He is the only Savior... Acts 4:12
210. Isaiah 44:3...He will send the Spirit of God... John 16:7,13
211. Isaiah 45:23...He will be the Judge... John 5:22;Romans. 14:11
212. Isaiah 48:12...The First and the Last...John 1:30;Rev. 1:8,17
213. Isaiah 48:17...He came as a Teacher...John 3:2
214. Isaiah 49:1...Called from the womb-His humanity...Matthew 1:18
215. Isaiah 49:5...A Servant from the womb...Luke 1:31;Phil. 2:7
216. Isaiah 49:6...He is Salvation for Israel...Luke 2:29-32
217. Isaiah 49:6...He is the Light of the Gentiles...Acts 13:47
218. Isaiah 49:6...He is Salvation unto the ends of the earth... Acts 15:7-18
219. Isaiah 49:7...He is despised of the Nation... John 8:48-49
220. Isaiah 50:3...Heaven is clothed in black at His humiliation... Luke 23:44,45
221. Isaiah 50:4...He is a learned counselor for the weary... Matthew 11:28,29
222. Isaiah 50:5...The Servant bound willingly to obedience... Matthew 26:39
223. Isaiah 50:6a..."I gave my back to the smiters."... Matthew 27:26
224. Isaiah 50:6b...He was smitten on the cheeks... Matthew 26:67
225. Isaiah 50:6c...He was spat upon... Matthew 27:30
226. Isaiah 52:4-5…Suffered vicariously…Mark 15:3,4,27,28; Luke 23:1-25,32-34
227. Isaiah 52:7...To publish good tidings of peace... Luke 4:14,15
228. Isaiah 52:13...The Servant exalted...Acts 1:8-11; Ephesians 1:19-22
229. Isaiah 52:13...Behold, My Servant... Matthew 17:5; Phil. 2:5-8
230. Isaiah 52:14...The Servant shockingly abused... Luke 18:31-34; Matthew 26:67,68
231. Isaiah 52:15...Nations startled by message of the Servant... Romans. 15:18-21
232. Isaiah 52:15...His blood shed to make atonement for all... Rev. 1:5
233. Isaiah 53:1...His people would not believe Him... John 12:37-38
234. Isaiah 53:2a...He would grow up in a poor family.... Luke 2:7
235. Isaiah 53:2b...Appearance of an ordinary man... Phil. 2:7-8
236. Isaiah 53:3a...Despised.... Luke 4:28-29
237. Isaiah 53:3b...Rejected... Matthew 27:21-23
238. Isaiah 53:3c...Great sorrow and grief... Luke 19:41-42
239. Isaiah 53:3d...Men hide from being associated with Him... Mark 14:50-52
240. Isaiah 53:4a...He would have a healing ministry... Luke 6:17-19
241. Isaiah 53:4b...He would bear the sins of the world... 1 Pet. 2:24
242. Isaiah 53:4c...Thought to be cursed by God... Matthew 27:41-43
243. Isaiah 53:5a...Bears penalty for mankind's transgressions... Luke 23:33
244. Isaiah 53:5b...His sacrifice would provide peace between man and God... Col. 1:20
245. Isaiah 53:5c...His back would be whipped... Matthew 27:26
246. Isaiah 53:6a...He would be the sin-bearer for all mankind...Galatians 1:4
247. Isaiah 53:6b...God's will that He bear sin for all mankind... 1 John 4:10
248. Isaiah 53:7a...Oppressed and afflicted... Matthew 27:27-31
249. Isaiah 53:7b...Silent before his accusers... Matthew 27:12-14
250. Isaiah 53:7c...Sacrificial lamb... John 1:29
251. Isaiah 53:8a...Confined and persecuted... Matthew 26:47-27:31
252. Isaiah 53:8b...He would be judged... John 18:13-22
253. Isaiah 53:8c...Killed.... Matthew 27:35
254. Isaiah 53:8d...Dies for the sins of the world... 1 John 2:2
255. Isaiah 53:9a...Buried in a rich man's grave... Matthew 27:57
256. Isaiah 53:9b...Innocent and had done no violence... Mark 15:3
257. Isaiah 53:9c...No deceit in his mouth... John 18:38
258. Isaiah 53:10a...God's will that He die for mankind... John 18:11
259. Isaiah 53:10b...An offering for sin... Matthew 20:28
260. Isaiah 53:10c...Resurrected and live forever.... Mark 16:16
261. Isaiah 53:10d...He would prosper... John 17:1-5
262. Isaiah 53:11a...God fully satisfied with His suffering... John 12:27
263. Isaiah 53:11b...God's servant... Romans. 5:18-19
264. Isaiah 53:11c...He would justify man before God... Romans. 5:8-9
265. Isaiah 53:11d...The sin-bearer for all mankind... Hebrews 9:28
266. Isaiah 53:12a...Exalted by God because of his sacrifice... Matthew 28:18
267. Isaiah 53:12b...He would give up his life to save mankind... Luke 23:46
268. Isaiah 53:12c...Grouped with criminals... Luke 23:32
269. Isaiah 53:12d...Sin-bearer for all mankind... 2 Corinthians 5:21
270. Isaiah 53:12e...Intercede to God in behalf of mankind... Luke 23:34
271. Isaiah 55:1…Every one come who is thirsty…New Testament
272. Isaiah 55:3...Resurrected by God... Acts 13:34
273. Isaiah 55:4...A witness... John 18:37
274. Isaiah 55:5…Foreign nations come to God…Acts
275. Isaiah 59:15-16a...He would come to provide salvation... John 6:40
276. Isaiah 59:15-16b...Intercessor between man and God... Matthew 10:32
277. Isaiah 59:20...He would come to Zion as their Redeemer... Luke 2:38
278. Isaiah 60:1-3…Nations walk in the light…Luke 2:32
279. Isaiah 61:1-2a...The Spirit of God upon him... Matthew 3:16-17
280. Isaiah 61:1-2b...The Messiah would preach the good news... Luke 4:17-21
281. Isaiah 61:1-2c...Provide freedom from the bondage of sin and death... John 8:31-32
282. Isaiah 61:1-2...Proclaim a period of grace... John 5:24
283. Isaiah 62:1-2…Called by an new name…Luke 2:32, Revelation 3:12
284. Isaiah 62:11…Thy King Cometh, Entered Jerusalem on Colt…Matthew 21:7
285. Isaiah 63:1-3…A vesture dipped in blood…Revelation 19:13
286. Isaiah 63:8,9…Afflicted with the afflicted…Matthew 25:34-40
287. Isaiah 65:9…The elect shall inherit…Romans 11 5-7, Hebrews 7:14, Revelation 5:5
288. Isaiah 65:17-25…New heaven/New Earth…2 Peter 3:13, Revelation 21:1
289. Isaiah 66:18-19…All nations come to God…New Testament
290. Jeremiah23:5-6a...Descendant of David...Luke 3:23-31
291.  Jeremiah 23:5-6b...The Messiah would be God... John 13:13
292.  Jeremiah 23:5-6c...The Messiah would be both God and Man... 1 Tim. 3:16
293. Jeremiah 30:9…Born a King…John 18:37, Revelation 1:5
294. Jeremiah 31:15…Massacre of infants…Matthew 2:16-18
295.  Jeremiah 31:22...Born of a virgin... Matthew 1:18-20
296.  Jeremiah 31:31...The Messiah would be the new covenant... Matthew 26:28
297.  Jeremiah 33:14-15...Descendant of David... Luke 3:23-31
298.  Ezekiel17:22-24...Descendant of David... Luke 3:23-31
299. Ezekiel 21:26,27…The humble exalted…Luke 1:52
300.  Ezekiel34:23-24...Descendant of David... Matthew 1:1
301.  Daniel 2:34-35...Stone cut without hands...Acts 4:10-12
302.  Daniel 2:44,45...His Kingdom Triumphant...Luke 1:33, 1 Corinthians 15:24, Revelation 11:15
303.  Dan. 7:13-14a...He would ascend into heaven... Acts 1:9-11
304.  Dan. 7:13-14b...Highly exalted... Ephesians 1:20-22
305. Dan. 7:13-14c...His dominion would be everlasting... Luke 1:31-33
306. Daniel 7:27...Kingdom for the Saints...Luke 1:33, 1 Corinthians 15:24, Revelation 11:15
307. Dan. 9:24a...To make an end to sins... Galatians 1:3-5
308. Dan. 9:24b...He would be holy... Luke 1:35
309. Dan. 9:25...Announced to his people 483 years, to the exact day, after the decree to rebuild the city of Jerusalem... John 12:12-13
310. Dan. 9:26a...Killed... Matthew 27:35
311. Dan. 9:26b...Die for the sins of the world... Hebrews 2:9
312. Dan. 9:26c...Killed before the destruction of the temple... Matthew 27:50-51
313. Dan. 10:5-6...Messiah in a glorified state... Rev. 1:13-16
314. Hosea 3:5...Israel restored...John 18:37, Romans 11:25-27
315. Hosea 11:1, Numbers 24:8...Flight to Egypt...Matthew 2:14
316. Hosea 13:14...He would defeat death... 1 Corinthians 15:55-57
317. Joel 2:28-32...Promise of the Spirit...Acts 2:17-21, Romans 10:13
318. Joel 2:32...Offer salvation to all mankind... Romans. 10:12-13
319. Micah 2:12-13...Israel Regathered...John 10:14,26
320. Micah 4:1-8...The Kingdom established - place of Birth Bethlehem...Luke 1:33, Matthew 2:1, Luke 2:4,10,11
321. Micah 5:2a...Born in Bethlehem... Matthew 2:1-2
322.  Micah 5:2b...God's servant... John 15:10
323.  Micah 5:2c...from everlasting... John 8:58
324.  Haggai 2:6-9...He would visit the second Temple... Luke 2:27-32
325.  Haggai 2:23...Descendant of Zerubbabel... Luke 3:23-27
326. Joel 2:28-32...Promise of the Spirit...Acts 2:17-21, Romans 10:13
327. Amos 8:9...The Sun Darkened...Matthew 24:29, Acts 2:20, Revelation 6:12
328. Amos 9:11-12...Restoration of tabernacle...Acts 14:16-18
329. Habakkuk 2:14...Earth filled with knowledge of the glory of the Lord...Romans 11:26, Revelation 21:23-26
330. Zechariah 2:10-13...The Lamb on the Throne...Revelation 5:13, 6:9, 21:24
331. Zechariah 3:8...God's servant... John 17:4
332. Zechariah 6:12-13...Priest and King... Hebrews 8:1
333. Zechariah 9:9a...Greeted with rejoicing in Jerusalem... Matthew 21:8-10
334. Zechariah 9:9b...Beheld as King... John 12:12-13
335.  Zechariah 9:9c...The Messiah would be just... John 5:30
336.  Zechariah 9:9d...The Messiah would bring salvation... Luke 19:10
337.  Zechariah 9:9e...The Messiah would be humble... Matthew 11:29
338.  Zechariah 9:9f...Presented to Jerusalem riding on a donkey... Matthew 21:6-9
339.  Zechariah 10:4...The cornerstone... Ephesians 2:20
340.   Zechariah 11:4-6a...At His coming, Israel to have unfit leaders... Matthew 23:1-4
341.  Zechariah 11:4-6b...Rejection causes God to remove His protection.. Luke 19:41-44
342.  Zechariah 11:4-6c...Rejected in favor of another king... John 19:13-15
343.   Zechariah 11:7...Ministry to "poor," the believing remnant... Matthew 9:35-36
344.  Zechariah 11:8a...Unbelief forces Messiah to reject them... Matthew 23:33
345. Zechariah 11:8b...Despised... Matthew 27:20
346.  Zechariah 11:9...Stops ministering to the those who rejected Him... Matthew 13:10-11
347.  Zechariah 11:10-11a...Rejection causes God to remove protection... Luke 19:41-44
348.  Zechariah 11:10-11b...The Messiah would be God... John 14:7
349.  Zechariah 11:12-13a...Betrayed for thirty pieces of silver... Matthew 26:14-15
350.  Zechariah 11:12-13b...Rejected... Matthew 26:14-15
351.  Zechariah 11:12-13c...Thirty pieces of silver thrown into the house of the Lord... Matthew 27:3-5
352.  Zechariah 11:12-13d...The Messiah would be God... John 12:45
353.  Zechariah 12:10a...The Messiah's body would be pierced... John 19:34-37
354.  Zechariah 12:10b...The Messiah would be both God and man... John 10:30
355.  Zechariah 12:10c...The Messiah would be rejected... John 1:11
356.  Zechariah 13:7a...God's will He die for mankind... John 18:11
357.  Zechariah 13:7b...A violent death... Matthew 27:35
358.  Zechariah 13:7c...Both God and man.. John 14:9
359.  Zechariah 13:7d...Israel scattered as a result of rejecting Him... Matthew 26:31-56
360.  Malachi 3:1a...Messenger to prepare the way for Messiah... Matthew 11:10
361.  Malachi 3:1b...Sudden appearance at the temple... Mark 11:15-16
362.  Malachi 3:1c...Messenger of the new covenant... Luke 4:43
363.  Malachi 3:3...Our Sins Are Purged...Luke 1:78, John 1:9; 12:46, 2 Peter 1:19, Revelation 2:28; 19:11-16; 22:16
364. Malachi 4:5...Forerunner in the spirit of Elijah... Matthew 3:1-2
365. Malachi 4:6...Forerunner would turn many to righteousness... Luke 1:16-17

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lord of the Dance/Simple Gifts

Here's a Thanksgiving or St. Patrick's Day song for you! Again this is in ADAD tuning or Open A tuning. Have fun!

Simple Gifts Lyrics
'Tis the gift to be simple, 'tis the gift to be free
'Tis the gift to come down where we ought to be,
And when we find ourselves in the place just right,
'Twill be in the valley of love and delight.
When true simplicity is gain'd,
To bow and to bend we shan't be asham'd,
To turn, turn will be our delight,
Till by turning, turning we come 'round right.
Lord of the Dance Lyrics written by Sydney Carter in 1967 or possibly 1963, not quite sure of the date.
I danced in the morning when the world was begun
I danced in the Moon & the Stars & the Sun
I came down from Heaven & I danced on Earth
At Bethlehem I had my birth:
Dance then, wherever you may be
I am the Lord of the Dance, said He!
And I'll lead you all, wherever you may be
And I'll lead you all in the Dance, said He!
(...lead you all in the Dance, said He!)
I danced for the scribe & the pharisee
But they would not dance & they wouldn't follow me
I danced for fishermen, for James & John
They came with me & the Dance went on:

I danced on the Sabbath & I cured the lame
The holy people said it was a shame!
They whipped & they stripped & they hung me high
And they left me there on a cross to die!

I danced on a Friday when the sky turned black
It's hard to dance with the devil on your back
They buried my body & they thought I'd gone
But I am the Dance & I still go on!

They cut me down and I leapt up high
I am the Life that'll never, never die!
I'll live in you if you'll live in Me -
I am the Lord of the Dance, said He!
God bless,


The First Noel

Here's how to play the first noel on the mandolin!

God bless and Merry Christmas!


Gabriel's Message

Oh man, I saw my first snowflake today. Must mean Christmas is on it's way as my friend Dee Ann pointed out to me. So here's another Christmas song "Gabriel's Message." This was recorded by Sting back in 1987 or so on a various artist Christmas CD.

Hope you enjoy!

God bless,


Friday, November 4, 2011

Larry Hopkins Interview

Here's the rough draft of my interview with Larry Hopkins. The background noise is a little loud, and hopefully in the final edit, I'll be able to eq that out of there. Also, I want to include in the final edit some of Larry's fiddle playing!

God bless,


Monday, October 31, 2011

Larry Hopkins Red Maple Violin Shop

Hello Everyone!

I had an awesome weekend visiting Mr. Larry Hopkins owner of the Red Maple Violin Shop in Pekin, Indiana. I got to interview Mr. Hopkins about how he builds violins and mandolins and will be posting a documentary soon of the trip. But in the meantime check out some of the pics of his awesome mandolins that I was able to play on while I was there.

You can also check out more of his mandolins at his website: The Red Maple Shop
Included in these pics is a rare six string mandolin, with added drone strings to the bottom, that Mr. Hopkins designed and built. And also the mandolin I fell in love with, the one made out of sassafras and oak. What an awesome time we had!

These pictures and more will be appearing in my upcoming book series "Mandolin: Dead Man's Tuning." 

God bless,


Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday, September 26, 2011

New Tabs for Songs

Hello everyone,

It's been a while since I've been able to post. I've been working on the manuscript for a new book I'm writing on Dead Man's Tuning. I've decided to post for a while some of my tabs that I have made for those of you who are interested.

God bless,


A Bright Evening
Autumn Woods
Awake O Sleeper
Dana's Tune
I'll Fly Away
Kesh Jig
Leaning On The Everlasting Arms
The Irish Washerwoman
Trevor's Green Eyes

Friday, August 5, 2011

New Bob Dylan Article Submitted to the Pal-Item

I have been a big fan of Bob Dylan for most of my life. My dad is a piano player and used to play a lot of Dylan songs on the piano. When I heard my first Dylan record I must have been 12 or 13. My dad handed me a stack of records, including Highway 61 Revisited, Another Side of Bob Dylan and Bringing It All Back Home, and said, “You might like these.”

And of course, I did.

Now Dylan has just released his new collection of art for his “The Drawn Blank Collection.” You can see and actually purchase prints on Bob’s website, Dylan has been releasing collections of his artwork on his website since 2008.

I never really looked at Dylan’s art before, and I was struck by his use of bright and vivid colors in his pallet choices. Sometimes he seems to have an attraction to gritty and dark in his music, that I assumed his art would look like that as well. The only piece I had seen before was the cover to his “Saved” album back in the early 80’s, a very dark, yet hopeful image, which depicts an outstretched hand pulling out another hand from a morass of other reaching hands. That image was very evocative and powerful, and reflected the spiritual nature of the album.

These new pictures depict a bright and hopeful place; the direct opposite of place where a song such as “Desolation Row,” must occur. To me these happy looking pictures are like the other side of the coin in comparison to the type of images brought up in his recent recordings. “Woman in Red Lion Pub,” to me is very humorous, and “Man on A Bridge,” and “Sidewalk CafĂ©,” seem to transport the view into another time, the way a lot of Dylan’s most recent music does as well.

I have been listening to a lot of Dylan’s more current music lately. The Bootleg series volume 8, Together Through Life, Love and Theft and a couple other albums. I find that my favorite song I've been listening to lately is "It's All Good." It is such a humorous slam on the overused modern phrase:  "Cold blooded killer stalking the town...But there's nothing to worry about cause it's all good." It cracks me up. If you get a chance you should check out the song. I find that Bob still has something worth saying and does it in such a way that captures the attention of the listener.

But these songs are reminiscent of the recordings before and during the Great Depression, not a great deal of hope and light in them, though the dark humor is present. Yet, these paintings seem to reflect the hope that provides for the humor present in the recordings. I have read that Dylan doesn’t seem to appreciate people overanalyzing his work, and I have to confess of being guilty of doing just that at times, but these paintings are eye-catching and pleasing to the eye without analyzing the intent behind the images.

This collect continues to demonstrate the great range of talent in the master songwriter and musician, and as in his recordings, Bob Dylan continues to show us that he still has a lot to say.

Willy Minnix is a private and group music instructor located in Richmond, IN. He teaches piano, guitar, bass guitar, drums, mandolin, banjo, harmonica and voice to all grade levels. He also teaches Family Band lessons, group music lessons designed to teach students how to play together in a band environment.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Willy Minnix: Music Lessons - A Great Way To Develop Your Studen...

Willy Minnix: Music Lessons - A Great Way To Develop Your Studen...: "School is beginning again for the 2011-2012 school year, and I’m sure that you, like most parents, are gearing up to get the most out of y..."

Music Lessons - A Great Way To Develop Your Student's Brain!

School is beginning again for the 2011-2012 school year, and I’m sure that you, like most parents, are gearing up to get the most out of your student’s education. One of the things that you might want to consider this year is the benefits of music education on your child’s physical, emotional and spiritual development.

Music lessons are well known to help in the brain development of children. Not only does the study of music help develop the artistic portions of the brain, but it helps develop the physical aspects of coordination. I have known many children who come to me strongly favoring one hand or the other. The process of learning how to use their off hand to play a particular instrument has helped them develop skill and agility in the use of a hand that otherwise would rarely get used. For instance, in playing the piano, most right-handers learn how to play ever increasingly complex pieces with the left hand. This continuous repetition of using the left hand causes it to be able to do multiple tasks with either hand. I know of a mechanic who developed the use of his non-dominant left hand by learning the piano. Now working on different parts of an engine are simpler because he has trained his off hand in doing complex tasks on the piano. This physical dexterity training has correlated into the job world, and allows him to complete tasks quickly and more efficiently than he would have probably been able to without the music training.

I have read of studies where the study of music is linked to all sorts of cognitive skills. A quick Google search will yield many results related to music and math skill development, music and artistic development, music and physical therapy. It seems that the benefits to the physical and mental development of the student could be endless!

One of the long term benefits that I see with music study is that it teaches a student how to recognize challenges, develop strategies for overcoming those challenges, practicing skills that enable the student to overcome, and finally helping the student realize success. These skills are necessary to every human in life. We are constantly faced with challenges in the work world, and without an ingrained pattern of success learned throughout childhood it becomes difficult to thrive in the marketplace. But music instruction reinforces this pattern into adulthood.

Some of the ways this pattern of success is ingrained are shown in the above mentioned pattern:

1. Recognize challenges – A music student is often able to see other musicians that they would like to emulate in style or technique. For instance, I once had a thirteen year old student who wanted to learn how to play guitar like Jimi Hendrix, yet who had never had lessons before. Recognizing the challenge to play like Hendrix was easy for the student because he wanted to be able to play some of the songs that Hendrix wrote.
2. Develop Strategies - Once the student has a goal, helping that student realize how to achieve that goal is the teacher’s job. Oftentimes, a student will approach a teacher with a specific style or artist they want to play like, only to be discouraged in order for the teacher to feel comfortable in the style they are proficient in. I believe this approach does not help the student, and only causes them to give up. In the case of my Hendrix student, I was a challenged myself, because I couldn’t play much Hendrix, at the time. But I began to encourage him to take the basics that he was learning and see how those basics were found in Hendrix’s music.  Together we began to see how Hendrix came up with some of the music he wrote, and as a teacher I was able to explain to my student not only what Hendrix was playing but why he was playing it the way he did, and it helped my student to begin to augment material his own lessons with ideas he gained from Hendrix.
3. Practicing skills that enable the student to overcome the challenges – Often students are required to play material that they do not see a benefit to, but as in the case above, not only was the student learning how to play material that was crucial for proper development as a guitarist, he was able to find that same material in the music of his idol, Jimi Hendrix. So each week, my student would come back more and more excited as he not only learned how to play a pentatonic scale, but he could see how Jimi Hendrix used it in a song like “Red House.” This type of reinforcement generates excitement in the lessons, and keeps the student engaged and focused on learning.
4. Realizing Success – Once my student could play a couple Jimi Hendrix songs, he was excited about learning more, so he switched gears to Eric Clapton, another challenging guitarist. Success breeds more success. Once someone succeeds at one task, they are more likely to go onto other challenges because they now realize that there are many benefits when we succeed.

One of the major challenges as a teacher that I have encountered is bridging the gap between presenting a topic such as music theory in such a way that it is not boring. I have found over the years, that by incorporating music theory into songs that the student can quickly learn to play, helps the student to learn a great deal of theory without realizing that they are learning it. I find that by teaching simple songs from the beginning, instead of playing a major scale a thousand times to master it, have the student play a song that they will like that incorporated the major scale in it. This way the student is practicing the major scale, but doesn’t realize it.

For parents I believe one of the biggest difficulties is wading through the jungle of materials and resources that are available. A good teacher can help with a lot of that. There are a lot of great free resources out there as well. I find that youtube can be a great place for free lessons, and I actually post a lot of free lessons online there as well. You can type in Willy Minnix, and find a bunch of free mandolin, piano, guitar and harmonica lessons that I have posted there. But nothing beats having a caring teacher that wants to see your student develop and grow. Being able to spot challenging areas, areas of interest and areas of strength are things that can be done only when a teacher is present. And also a teacher will be able to recognize when a student is ready to take on greater tasks such as playing in a band or small group.

Something often overlooked in the study of music, especially with instruments such as the piano, is the almost required ability of any professional musician to play in a group. This is why I believe that group lessons should be available. Very few teachers specialize in cross-instrument group lessons. Sometimes you can find a teacher that will teach multiple piano lessons, or multiple guitar lessons, but very rarely do you find a teacher that has the ability to teach something like rock band lessons. But with the popularity of rock band type video games, more and more parents and students want to be able to play with their friends. The benefit of this type of lesson is that students learn teamwork, rhythm and how to perform music the way most people listen to it, in a band! The benefit for parents is often found in the pocketbook. Group music lessons are often far less expensive as a qualified group lesson teacher will be able to provide a discount as more students are incorporated into the band. These student bands often become a great source of pride for the parents, and amusement for the neighborhood, as the neighborhood band becomes the entertainment for block parties, backyard barbeques and even sometimes youth bands at local churches.

The local church youth band should not be overlooked either. Not only does playing in the band at the church provide for the obvious spiritual development of the student, it also usually provides needed positive feedback from other important adults in the student’s life, from ministers and other uplifting role models in the young musician’s life. I have found over the years, that most students involved in some kind of neighborhood or church band have found the kind of inner fulfillment that keeps them away from the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

So as this school year begins, and summer comes to a close, I hope you consider music lessons for your students. If you are having a hard time locating a teacher, please feel free to contact me at 845-820-3062, or shoot me an email at and I would be happy to help you figure out an instrument and type of lessons that would be perfect for your student.   

Willy Minnix is a private and group music instructor located in Richmond, IN. He teaches piano, guitar, bass guitar, drums, mandolin, banjo, harmonica and voice to all grade levels. He also teaches Family Band lessons, group music lessons designed to teach students how to play together in a band environment.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Mandolin Songs Posted

Hey Everyone!

I just posted 5 more mandolin songs that you can download by clicking on the music player at the top of my blog.

Hope you have a great day and enjoy!

God bless,

I find that i really like the music on club penguin!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Mandolin Recordings Posted

Hey Everyone!

I just added three new mandolin songs. Can't figure out how to upload "Black Jack Davey" for you to download yet, but as soon as I do you can. These are free until the album is released, and all the songs are finished. Get 'em while you can! Check them out in the mp3 player above! If you click on the mp3 player it will take you to where you can download them.

God bless,


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Today's Sermon - Patience

Hey Everyone,

If you're interested, I just posted today's sermon at my other blog:

God bless,


Friday, July 8, 2011

WECI Interview from 2004 Parts 7-12

Here are the second parts of the 2004 WECI interview. Most of the songs covered in this interview are from the Holy Water and Near the Cross Albums. Hope you enjoy!

What's so special about this interview for me, aside from it being my first radio interview and that it was a really cool thing my friend Ron did for me, is that my "cousin" Dana called me up the night it aired, and held the phone by her radio the whole time so I could hear the interview on the air. It was pretty cool. 

God bless,


WECI Interview from 2004 - Parts 1-6

Hello Everybody!

Today I'm posting the mp3 file from an old interview on the Local Artist Spotlight program from WECI at Earlham College in Richmond, IN. This interview was from November of 2004 on the program ran by Ron Muse.

God bless,


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bob Dylan

I've been listening to a lot of older Dylan music lately. The Bootleg series volume 8, Together Through Life, Love and Theft and a couple other albums. I find that my favorite song I've been listening to lately is "It's All Good." It is such a humorous slam on the common modern phrase. "Cold blooded killer stalking the town...But there's nothing to worry about cause it's all good." It cracks me up. If you get a chance you should check out the song. I find that Bob still has something worth saying and does it in such a way that captures the attention of the listener.

Anyway, as far as listening to Bob's music, it is indeed "all good!"

God bless,


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Learning Curve

Hey Everyone,

I'm trying to learn how to use Adsense. It's a bit of a learning curve for me. I should probably do a search on tips and tricks, but I might wait until I get my new computer.

A few months ago I was using my computer at the kitchen table, and I accidentally dropped it when my wife put the food out for dinner. It landed screen side down and shattered the screen in two places. One big splotch of blackness on the righ side, and a small thin black line on the left. Also the "y" key hardly works, and I have to press really hard every time I use a "y".

I've been using it anyway for the last couple months, but it's getting to the point where I can't see much on the screen. So I've got a new laptop in layaway. Hopefully, I can get it paid off soon. Annywa, I also was able to get a new digital camcorder. It's not the most sturdy, a Vivitar Twist 610, but it should do the job for my instrument videos.

The other exciting thing I'm working on is a new project called Family Band. I am going to be teaching group music lessons to families and neighborhoods, maybe even churches. We'll see how it works.

God bless,


Friday, June 17, 2011

New Music Updated

Hey Everyone,

I just updated some of my music, you can check me out here at or at or on my facebook page.

God bless,


I Went Down To The Cross Roads - Short Story Orignally Published in the Christian Sci-Fi Journal

I Went Down to the Crossroads, and Tried to Flag a Ride…
Willy Minnix
There was this watch sitting on a desk. It was a nice watch, a Bulova, in fact. This particular Bulova had a couple of interesting features, interesting at least for someone who wasn’t used to wearing such types of watches. One of the things that the owner of this watch, a blues musician named Barry Watkins (known to his few fans as Barry Walker), particularly liked about this watch was the miniature pulsimeter dial that he thought gave the watch a look of authority. There was also another dial surrounding the edge of the watch that one could use to… well no one really knows what those dials are for, but they look good. This one did rotate, Barry had owned watches before (much cheaper watches) that had the same dial but didn’t rotate.
A hand picked up the watch, although the hand didn’t belong to Barry. Barry was in the shower at the time. Yes, even bluesmen need to shower once in a while. You might think that the hand belonged to a thief, but in this case it did not. The hand was very pale and the veins underneath the skin pulsed with a golden glow. A second hand came up and pulled out the watch stem. This hand also was slightly strange with the pale skin and veins pulsing with the golden glow. The hands adjusted the watch back fifteen minutes and then set it down on the table.
The next time we see this watch is around Midnight at a place where the C & G railroad line used to cross the Yazoo and Mississippi railroad line, what used to be called the Yellow Dawg, or simply the Dawg, way back in the 20’s and 30’s. They moved the Dawg further north and renamed it the Illinois Central, just like in that old Doobie Brothers song. The locals always thought it was a crying shame that them railroad men would name a Southern Treasure after a Yankee town, but that’s the way the ball drops sometimes.
These two railroad crossings were immortalized in the now sacred blues tune made famous by one Robert Johnson. This is the Cross Roads. The one that begins “I went down to the cross roads. Tried to flag a ride…” Everyone thinks it’s about two street crossings, but it isn’t, as any real blues aficionado will tell you. And Barry Watkins-Walker was a true blues aficionado.
Barry wannabe-Walker knew everything about the blues. He could tell you about where Robert Johnson drank the poison that finally killed him, he could tell you who Charlie Patton was and what songs of his influenced B.B. King. He could even tell you what brand of guitar strings Sonny Boy Williamson (the first not the second) was reported to use. He knew vague things like what amp setting Eric Clapton used when he recorded “Sunshine of Your Love.” And that wasn’t all he knew. He had a thousand bits of blues trivia floating around in his head. He could play every song that Robert Johnson wrote, not well, but he could still play them. Most of Eric Clapton’s and Stevie Ray Vaughn’s songs too.
While most of the locals were convinced that he sucked and that nothing short of a miracle would ever help the boy out, there was one person who was a huge Barry Walker fan. That was Deloris Farriday. Deloris was kind of a town outcast of her hometown of Moorehead, Mississippi, mainly because she was black and Barry was as white as a sheet. “It just ain’t done in these parts,” so the old folks say.
But they were happy. Deloris liked the way Barry sang, and liked the songs he wrote about her. One song began, “Oh I love my delta queen, oh I love my delta queen, she may be black as the night, but I love my delta queen.” Not very original, but it made her feel pretty special. Not often does a well-to-do city boy come to the Delta, and not often does the same well-to-do city boy romance a poor African-American girl like herself. Barry Walker, though he was short on talent, and long on trivia, was also big in heart, at least in the opinion of Deloris Farriday.
But that was all later, it all started something like this.
“You mean you’ve lived your whole life in Moorehead, Mississippi and you ain’t never heard of Robert Johnson?”
“Nope. Can’t say I have.”
Barry, brushed a long strand of corn yellow hair out of his eyes and shook his head in disbelief. “What kind of music do you listen to?”
Deloris sat at the bus stop waiting on a bus to take her to Angola to visit her grandma for the weekend. She had always had a bit of a curious streak in her, and the white boy with the battered guitar case and fancy watch seemed too much for her to let slide by without finding out what he was doing in Moorehead. Now here he is talking nonsense about some dead musician named Robert Johnson. She had a cousin named Bobby Johnson, but he wasn’t dead and he wasn’t no musician either.
“Well, I listen to most of the stuff they play on the radio, some R&B, some hip hop, rap and the occasional country song now and then. But I’m not much into music. I want to become a lawyer when I get out of school.” Deloris seemed slightly defensive about becoming a lawyer, which made sense since most folks in these parts just laughed at her and said things like “Girl, ain’t never been no black girl from around here become no lawyer, and I can’t see that happening anytime soon.” But she didn’t care. It was her dream, and everybody needed a dream didn’t they?
Well, this answer didn’t sit too well with Barry. He scratched his head. “Girl, I’m gonna have to educate you on the finer details of true American culture: the Blues.” The words flowed out of his mouth like smoke. He spoke the name of his favored music like one speaks of a religious experience, as if merely speaking the name might shake the world if not invoked correctly, or as if savoring a choice delicacy like in them fancy restaurants down in New Orleans. Barry was lost in his own savoring, until he noticed that Deloris wasn’t all that enthralled. “I guess not everyone starts out as a blues fan, but once you’ve been bitten, there ain’t no going back.”
Deloris looked at him askance. “I have heard blues music. My cousin Navin plays in a blues band on Saturday nights at Thornton’s Juke joint. But Navin ain’t that good and most of the time him and his buddies are too drunk to play much of anything. I told Loretta Thornton, her daddy owns the place you know, that if they wanted Navin and his friends to play half way’s decent, they shouldn’t let them get all liquered up before they go on.”
“I see that you haven’t bore witness to real blues music. Please if you will, allow me to bestow some truth upon your pretty black ears.” Barry smooth talked with the best of them, and was rewarded with a slight blush from Deloris.
“Alright. I suppose the bus ain’t here yet. If you want to play sumpin’ that’s up to you.” She smiled and gestured to his guitar case.
Barry laid out his guitar case and pulled out a 1936 National guitar. If Deloris had any clue what a valuable piece of equipment Barry was traipsing around the county with she might have either been impressed or recognized Barry’s foolishness right off the bat. As it was t just looked like any other old guitar to her.
Barry took out a blue piece of bottle neck out of his case and put it on his ring finger of his left hand. And without further ado he launched into a rousing rendition of “She’s A Little Queen of Spades,” by Robert Johnson. Now as stated earlier in this tale, Barry wasn’t all that good. But fortunately for him, he was slightly better than Deloris’s drunken cousin Navin. And so, the fact that she was somewhat impressed encouraged Barry enough to ask her out on a date when she got back from visiting her grandma, which of course led to some interesting talk around town. This being the modern area though, Barry didn’t have to worry much about getting lynched or anything, but they still got a lot of harsh stares as they walked around town or drove around on his motorcycle.

Anyway, I should probably be getting back to the point. The next time we saw the Bulova, it was about midnight at the crossroads where the Southern used to (not no more) cross the Dawg. This is the place, baby! This is the spot where Robert Johnson sold his soul to Satan, Old Scratch, that cloven-foot devil, Lucifer his-own-self. Now Barry, you see, wasn’t much for religion. Wasn’t much for believing in Heaven and Hell, and wasn’t much for thoughts of God and the Devil, neither. But he did believe in Robert Johnson. He also believed that something must have happened to Johnson. Every legend has some sort of beginning. He’d be just as happy if Robert Johnson sold his soul to aliens, as long as the blues was there.
All the tales of the time say that Robert Johnson was the worst musician and biggest wannabe in Mississippi. He would harass and bother all the other high caliber musicians by bringing around his battered guitar. Where they would jeer and tell him to get lost. Anyway, the story goes that at some point ole Bob shows back up in town, only now he’s the biggest badass guitar player that ever strutted into a juke joint. Robert claimed that he went down to the crossroads, now, on a full moon and sold his soul to the Devil to gain his powers of bluesification.
Some folks corroborated Johnson’s tale by saying that he spent a nights in the graveyard, what folks in those parts called the bone-yard, learning from a strange blond haired grey-skinned guitar player. Other’s said that it only appeared like a night, but Johnson was actually missing for a while, and that single night he claims to have spent there lasted at least a decade.
There were one or two old timers, now well into their 90’s, who were young when all this was reported to go down. And Barry, being the diligent bluesologist that he was, had interviewed them all. All their stories seemed to be believable. Or at least, it seemed to Barry that they believed what they were saying. Some told about how Robert was a regular attendee (mayhap even a Sunday School teacher) of one of the local Baptist churches, in some tales it was a Methodist church, and in yet another tale it was a Pentecostal church. At any rate, all the tales agree that he attended until his wife and first born child died. The death of his family darn near drove Bob right out of his mind with grief. It wasn’t too long thereafter that he disappeared.
Barry wanted to find out all about Johnson, even to the point of selling his soul if that’s what it took. He longed for immortality just like his idol. Who cares if his debatable soul had to languish in an even more debatable hell? Anyway if there was a hell, everything was reversible, wasn’t it? He knew in the legends that Faust was screwed, but Daniel Webster got his boy off, right?
Barry double checked his watch, and reached into his pocket to feel for the black cat bone. He had a piece of John the Conqueror (pronounced for you Yankees, “conkah”) root in the other pocket. He wasn’t a seventh son of a seventh son, but you can only be what you are, the old crone that sold him all that stuff, and the bag of mojo hanging around his neck, had said.
Any rate, he was now under a full summer moon, awaiting the coming of the Lord of the Flies. Well, he had one minute left to go, and if it was all true he should be here any minute now. In all his research Barry had never found out why exactly this particular cross roads was the place where Satan liked to hang out, but did that really matter? Probably not. The fact was if it was true, then Barry would be rich and famous in a matter of months, maybe even weeks.
These thoughts as well as all the scraps of history Barry cold remember were floating around in his head, when Barry thought he could see something glowing up a head in the fog. Perhaps he thought, is that someone’s tail lights in the distance? Was he going to be interrupted in his quest? Hopefully it wasn’t a cop. The last thing he needed was to explain himself to some county mounty.
But the lights grew in form as he watched and he realized that the lights were golden in color and looked to be pulsating even as they grew larger. He glanced at his watch again and then back up to the lights. His palms began to sweat and he unconsciously reached for the black cat bone in his pocket. He didn’t know what to expect. After all, it appeared that all the legends were true, and here came Satan; Satan, the baddest dude in the history of bad. This could go really, really wrong if Barry wasn’t careful.
The creature that appeared before him was unlike anything he’d heard in any of the legends. He was frightening beyond all of Barry Watkins-Walker’s imaginings. The creature stood easily seven feet tall. Was male, but with an effeminate heroin chic quality about him. His skin was pale white, almost translucent, and the veins in his body were visible beneath his skin. The veins glowed with a strange golden shimmer. The eyes had that same type of glow, and Barry realized these were the lights that he had seen moments before coming towards him in the dark. The being’s long hair gleamed with a light of it’s own in the darkness. Barry took a step backwards in alarm.
“Greetings mortal.” The being did not open his mouth, but the sound exploded in Barry’s mind like a trumpet. No, it was more like the guitar orchestra that Brian May was famous for. Enormous! Barry sank to his knees. “Rise! Thou art not permitted to kneel, mortal.”
Barry climbed back on his unsteady feet. He fondled the black cat bone again, this time taking it out of his pocket and holding it with both hands.
“Why art thou here, mortal?”
“I… I…uh, I want to be a blues god.” Barry stammered.
“Thou mayest one day attain the glorification of godhood, Barry Watkins, but dost thou know what it is that thou asketh?” The voice boomed in his head and made him flinch with each word, yet the mouth never moved an inch. The King James grated against Barry’s sensibilities of gutter slang. It hurt almost as much as the disembodied voice.
“What? I don’t understand you,” Barry whined.
“What is it you seek, mortal?” The voice commanded.
“I want to be the best blues player of all time. Like Robert Johnson.”
“Do not waste my time with your puny dreams, mortal. I will ask again, what is it that you seek?”
Barry was unsure of himself now. Was the god creature deaf as well as mute? Surely this wasn’t Satan. Where were the horns, where was the tail. Barry looked down at his watch, five minutes had passed. He was wondering when he could go home, if he would go home. He knew if he didn’t answer the god-creature soon he would likely be slain right here in the middle of the crossroads. “I want immortality.”
“Ah, so that’s the truth of it, is it?” The voice seemed to calm down a bit in Barry’s head. He wasn’t sure if it was getting quieter or if he was adjusting to the sound.
“Shall I show you immortality then?” The creature was wearing a black leather outfit resembling the one that Mick Fleetwood wore on the Roumers album cover. Except this creature was not wearing a billowy pirate shirt as Fleetwood wore. He reached into the skin tight vest and pulled out a crystal ball about the size of a softball. How it was carried in the vest, Barry couldn’t see. But as the creature brought the ball closer to Barry, it began to glow of its own light.
The ball began to hover above the palm of the creature and floated around its body. It made a compete circuit around his body three times going first around the head, then the waist and then the lower legs before it began floating towards Barry. Once it got to Barry it made its circuitous way around his body, starting at his lower legs, then ending directly in front of his face.
“Watch, mortal, for you will see your future.”
Barry gazed within the depths of the crystal. He couldn’t be sure of what he was seeing. The mysterious golden glow, like golden lava that was pulsing in the creature eyes and veins was within the globe as well. And with each passing second it grew more powerful, until Barry’s face and hair was awash in the glow. Slowly out of the boiling lava images began to appear within.
Not long after selling his soul to Satan, Barry meets Robert Jameson. Robert is an A and R man for Atlantic records. He has worked with the big named blues men all over the world. When he heard Barry playing in Silky O’Sullivan’s in Memphis, he knew he just had to sign him. It was really a freak accident that Jameson was anywhere near Memphis at the time, except his car broke down in Little Rock on the way from Austin to Chicago, and by the time he got back on the road it was already much later than he planned. He thought it would probably be a good move to stop for dinner in Memphis, see if anyone worth listening to was playing and get on to Chicago in the morning.
When he heard Barry’s first song, he knew that he was experiencing magic. You see, Robert had the lucky, or perhaps unlucky depending on the way you look at it, distinction of having signed five other acts who had also sold their souls to Satan in exchange for immortality. Three of those bands were now washed up has-beens, but whoever said immortality was forever?
Before the night was over, Barry had a date with some bigger executives at Atlantic records, and though he didn’t know it yet, was onto a successful career as a blues god.
Barry’s new band is called Barry Walker and the Howlin’ Bone Yard Dogs. They had played 130 gigs over the past year, but this New Year’s gig was the Mack Daddy of all gigs. They are playing at times square in front of millions of crazy drunks. It is the thrill of a lifetime to say the least. And like every other gig of the 130 they had played, Deloris is backstage hanging around in the wings. This time however she’s making time with Barry’s new manager Jerry Stevens.
Barry met Jerry at a dinner for uppity ups in L.A. at the premiere of White Hot Blues, a movie starring a number of the famous Hollywood Celebs. It was about a pair of young thieves stealing one of Elvis’ guitars from Graceland. Barry thought the movie was pretty good. But what was monumental was being introduced to Jerry. Jerry had managed a number of famous bands over the years and was currently looking to manage the next up-and-coming thing. Barry just happened to be that next up-and-coming thing.
Thanks to Jerry, the Howlin’ Bone Yard Dogs were able to play this New Year’s gig as well as the previous 130 before that. But also thanks to Jerry, Barry and Deloris were growing further and further apart as photo shoots, press conferences, radio promotions, late night TV interviews, and of course, the concerts and wild after parties began to take their toll. Not to mention the hellacious drug and alcohol addiction that Barry had acquired during the course of the year.
Deloris missed the sweet guy that used to sing her songs and write her love letters. One night around gig 110, Deloris mentioned this to Jerry who was all ears and sentiments. He made sure Deloris new that he was always there for her if she needed anything. It wasn’t long before he was more than just there for her.
So it’s no surprise to Jerry when he gets fired from being Barry and the Howlin’ Dogs manager after the New Years show.
Sex, drugs and rock n’ roll always take a toll on a person, sometimes quickly and sometimes it takes ‘em slow. But in the end it always takes ‘em. Barry finds himself on his twenty seventh birthday at a hospital with serious kidney failure resulting from Hepatitis. Two years later Barry dies in an entirely different hospital.
As Barry is being dragged into the pit of Hell, he passes a being very similar in form to the first one he met at the cross roads that night so long ago, though this guy’s slightly different.
“Welcome to Hell, mortal.”
“This can’t be. I don’t belong here.” Barry looks at the being as fear creeps into his voice. He’s still wearing the hospital gown that he wore when he died.
“It is, Barry Watkins. And yes, according to the contract that you made with our master, you do belong here.” The creature never once opened its mouth, until the words finished forming in Barry’s head. After the being “spoke” it flashed Barry a grin filled with pointed teeth. “Take him away!” It shouted, this time using its mouth.
At the pronouncement of the word, two other demons fly up and drag Barry screaming down to the lake of fire.
Some where in Chicago, a young man with a guitar, puts ear plugs into his ears, and attempts to play the last hit of the Howlin’ Bone Yard Dogs, “Don’t drag me down screaming when I go!”
Barry tore his eyes from the gazing crystal and looked at the being in the Mick Fleetwood getup. “Is this true? That’s not how it will be! Why did you make it show me those things?” Barry blurted these things as a single question.
“The mirror serves the maker. I cannot make it show anything that is not true. The choice is yours Barry Watkins. You must decide if immortality is worth the cost.”
“But that’s not immortality, I die.”
“No one ever truly dies, Barry Watkins. All souls are immortal, yours as well as mine. What you do with the soul is up to you.” The voice had quieted to a whisper in his mind, but the eyes glowed brighter in the darkness.
“I don’t want this.” Barry pleaded with the creature. “This isn’t what I wanted.”
“Very well. Good day to you then.” The creature plucked the orb from the air and placed it back into his vest. He turned around and walked away.
Barry watched for a moment stunned into immobility. Far in the distance a golden stream of fire shot off into the night sky, like the tail of a Fourth of July rocket. Two other golden trails shot off to the right and to the left. Barry followed these with his eyes until the glow faded out.
While he was still gazing into the heavens, he heard a shuffling from in front of him. He could see two red dots of light coming towards him from out of the bushes. The form of a creature very much like the one that had just left appeared before him, only this guy looked slate gray with scarlet glowing in his veins.
“So you’re the great Barry Watkins!” The creature smiled. Barry could see the moonlight reflecting off of jagged teeth. This creature spoke like a normal man, and not with the voice of a god. “What can I do for you?”
Barry heard a snap, looked down at the Bulova and noticed that the crystal had cracked. He could make out the time as twelve fifteen.
I went down to the cross roads, fell down on my knees, asked the Lord above for mercy. Save poor Bob if you please.”