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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Harmonica Techniques and Tips

Hey Everyone,

Here is a new harmonica video. One thing I wanted to point out there are three parts of a harmonica, and I was a bit distracted by my kids, so I never got around to really explaining or calling the parts by their proper names

The three main parts are the cover plates, which I point out in the video, the reed plates, which are the neat brass reeds that are arranged in a line underneath the cover plates. The third part is the comb, which in the video I erroneously mixed up the comb and the reed plates, and called them both the comb. The comb is the part that you blow into, usually made of some type of bamboo or wood, or plastic.

Here's a link to a cool wikipedia article about harmonicas: Wikipedia Harmonica Article.

Hope you have fun with this video, and with your harmonicas.

God bless,


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