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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Willy's Albums

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Holy Water
List Price: $15.00
56 minutes, 14 tracks
Water Moccasin
UPC: 889290173850
Willy Minnix's 2003 Album "Holy Water" is back with a new look and a few additional songs. This album gained airplay on college stations and gave us one of his most popular songs "Sloth." Other tracks include the title track, "I Am" and the lullaby "Fire Trucks Flying to the Moon."

Tribulation Songs Vol. 2
List Price: $15.00
42 minutes, 11 tracks
Water Moccasin
UPC: 889290174383
Willy Minnix brings you a second volume of old time gospel songs sure to help you get through any trial or tribulation you encounter. The words to these old hymns and songs will lift your spirits and help get you through the day!

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Tribulation Songs Vol. 1

List Price: $12.00
72 minutes, 14 tracks
Water Moccasin
UPC: 887936649882
Willy Minnix is back again with a CD exploring the roots of gospel. Tribulation Songs is a tribute to the great gospel blues artists of the 20's, 30's and 40's, such as Rev. Gary Davis, Blind Willie Johnson, Mississippi John Hurt and others.
This is the first in a series of stripped back bluesy acoustic slide gospel, and the companion CD to his book "Hard Rain: Common Questions About The End Times."

CreateSpace eStore: https://www.createspace.com/2027103
Mandolin Studies
List Price: $15.00
45 minutes, 13 tracks
Water Moccasin Records
UPC: 886470472703
This is a collection of songs mainly written for the mandolin, with a few written as mandolin duets.

This is the first companion CD to my book series: Mandolin Dead Man's Tuning.

Go Tell It On The Mountain -
The Christmas Album!
List Price: $12.00
70 minutes, 20 tracks
Water Moccasin
UPC: 886470937561
Willy Minnix's original 2009 Christmas album updated with several extra cuts that were given away during Christmas 2011.

Songs include several favorite Christmas carols, and a several originals including "Merry Christmas Girl," "Santa Didn't Give Me What I Wanted," and "It's Christmas."

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