Thursday, June 27, 2019

5 More Tips for Recording Vocals

Last time we talked about some tips that you can try when recording your vocals. This article I have a few more ideas for you.

1. Try a variety of microphones - When I was first starting out I was enamored with the idea of using a certain microphone for the vocals I needed. But after years of recording people, what I have learned is that each situation is unique, and certain situations call for different microphones to capture the situation the best. Sometimes that one special mic that you think is so amazing, just doesn't capture the sound for this particular performance like you think it should. So don't be afraid to try out different mics to see what they do for your recording.

2. Harmonies - When you are writing your harmonies, try using varying numbers of vocals. Maybe the harmony section only needs one voice. Maybe it needs 200. Who knows, and you won't until you try out a few different approaches.

3. Compression - Compression can do a lot for your vocal, but it can also be an interesting effect in and of itself. So experiment with varying levels of compression to see what works the best for the vocal you are recording.

4. Reverb - Almost everyone uses a little reverb on a vocal, but there are so many different styles and types of reverb, it would be beneficial to any budding artist to try out various types of reverb to see which one you like the best, and which works the best on the vocal you are recording.

5. Effects - Compression and Reverb aren't the only effects. Try out various effects on the vocals to see what makes them pop or what makes them blend in the way you want. They can all bring a different sound to the table and make your song unique.

So there are a few more ideas to try out when recording your vocals. If you found these tips helpful, you can find out more about songwriting tips and tricks in my new book: "Lyrics and Music: Music Theory for Aspiring Songwriters" available now at, or with several additional Appendices at Barnes and Noble.

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