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Monday, November 3, 2014

Frugal Filmmaker Photos

Hey Everyone,

I want to say a special thank you to Frugal Filmmaker Scott Eggleston, for his upcoming show about how to make better youtube music instruction videos.

Here is a link to his blog, and you should really check out his videos on film making if you want to make better videos!  http://filmflap.blogspot.com/

Here are a few pics from a couple builds I did based off of some of his designs, and I will be posting a video response to him this week too!

God bless,


 Here's my jib. I have it mounted on a speaker tripod. And the fork is from a 18 or so inch kids bicycle. I have used Scott's pulley system idea to turn the camera plate up and down. I'll post a test shot later, if I can find the disk it was on! :)

Here is the top view of the camera stabilizer that Scott designed. I took the wheels off of his small dolly and added them to this design. I also added three T fittings to the top (I've taken one off to hold my shotgun mic holder). On the front I've added a quick release that also fits the jib.
 Her is the bicycle fork mount. It's basically two flange fittings bolted together with short couplings for the top and bottom. The bicycle fork fits inside. I have a very thin ball bearing ring inside to aid in movement.
 Here's a couple more shots of the stabilizer.

Check out Scott's original videos here:

Here is the Frugal Jib:
Here is the stabilizing Rig:
And Here is the Camera Table Dolly:

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