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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Interview with Mr. Cotton

Hey Everyone!

The new edition of Forsyth Family Magazine has my recent interview with Philo Hill Music and Band Teacher Mr. Curtis Cotton! My kids really love Mr. Cotton, and enjoy learning their instruments: drums and saxophone from him.

Check out the current issue here:  http://www.forsythfamilymagazine.com/

In this interview we talked a lot more than I was able to put in the article. We discuss a lot of topics like music education, band in North Carolina and much more. Please check out this video for the full interview.

My oldest son, and budding filmmaker, Liam Minnix produced this interview, and has uploaded it to my youtube page, where you can also find more information about music lessons, instructional videos, and information about my books and past sermons.

God bless,


Here are some photos from the interview:

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