Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Mind Map Video

So yesterday I started a new youtube channel to post videos that have to do with my concept of Whole Brain Thinking. I know that a lot of New Agey people have taken over the whole brain market with their newly packaged Transcendental Meditation, (which by the way is exactly the opposite of Whole Brain Thinking, as the ancient Japanese knew well by calling it "No Mind"), but I have a lot to say about the subject.

Being a natural ambidextrous person I use whole brain (using both sides of your brain at the same time) thinking every day. We live in a society that is seriously lacking in logic, but those people who seem to be logical often are missing the artistic part of them. And then the whole world seems to be missing a connection with God that is part of a fully functional system, and then of course there is the physical side of things. So this channel will explore these topics in greater depth.

My first video for the channel is about Mind Mapping. Mind Mapping is a whole brain exercise that helps you figure out a topic you are studying. So I made a mind map of my channel, and what I want to discuss on it. You can see part one of the video here:


I hope you enjoy the video and get a lot out of it, and I hope that you too can become a whole brain thinker and become wiser and more intelligent in the process!



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