Friday, April 21, 2017

8 Count Sinawali Chart

Ok, so in my last post I wrote about my new fitness program, and I discussed a chart that I designed for the Heaven 6 sinawali, or in fact any 6 count sinawali. In this post, I am including a chart I designed for an 8 count sinawali. Hope you find it useful.

As you can see on the chart, I have listed four grids at the top which will allow you to write in moves from similar sinawali if you want to see them all on one page. The diamond shape in the middle is for strike angles. The man in the middle is for marking target areas. The boxes on either side are the movements of the sinawali, and the lines coming off are for your notes. The outside columns are for add ons that can make the sinawali more complex, while the inner lines are for notes that remind you of proper techniques. The music staves at the bottom are drum staves that allow you to insert whatever rhythmic pattern you want to work on . There is a reminder to put a key signature because a complex key signature can really throw off an opponent. And finally down at the bottom is a color coding system, so you can use markers to color code each strike by coloring in the number or outlining the box, which will tell you where you want that particular strike to land.

Hope this helps. I'll be trying to get a 10 count cart up soon.

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